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152 Beach Road Level 28 Gateway East
Singapore 189721
Singpaore DI water specialist, mini Desalination, compact Fresh water generator, filter, Compact DI water system, compact mobile DI water filter. Can easily be located next to point of use
Resistivity-conductivity meter, pH-ORP meter, TDS meter, water quality monitoring device in singapore
Water filter cartridge inserts for refill DI resin n activated carbon granules
media insert cartridges to refill DI resin in water filtration, activated carbon
Granular Activated Carbon in singapore
Singapore Boron Remover resin in wastewater treatment of nickel plating
Granular Activated Carbon
Boron Remover
DI resin in containers for shipment
5 liter
25 liter
DI Resin
Mini DI water
Twin big blue housing
5L FRP Cylinder
Water quality instrument
pH, TDS meters

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Mixedbed DI resin for DI cartridges, refill pack for domestic RO/DI water system
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DI (De-Ionized) Water is simply water having processed to remove dissolved minerals (ions in chemical
terms). The process of ions removal from water is usually by membrane and/or ion-exchange resin.

Membranes work on separation principle requires pressure energy and has a concentrate stream.
Ion-exchange resin work through the "exchange" of H/OH ions with unwanted ions dissolved in the water.
5L FRP vessel, filter housing to hold 5Liters DI ersin
Mini DI water system mounted with conductivity meter